Rusty Brown


*Rusty is that rare balance of biblical orthodoxy and fire filled passion that the church is in desperate need of today, you will certainly be challenged by the word and moved by his tremendous heart for the lost. I would highly recommend him for any camp meeting or revival service.

Straightway Ministries    
Kevin Garris

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Ephesian 2:8-9

Christian Evangelist

*Reverend Rusty Brown is a Godly man that I have had the privilege of knowing and working with in the ministry.  He is a man that is forged in the study of scripture who seeks to present the word of God in a clear and understandable way from the pulpit while at the same time preaching the word with a true desire to see souls saved, lives changed and God glorified.  Reverend Rusty is a God anointed preacher that has a desire to go and evangelize giving forth the full council of the word of God as he has been called to do.
Reverend Lindsay A Brown, Pastor New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of Conway, S.C.

*Rusty is a passionate proclaimer of  the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He is dedicated to the salvation of souls
through the bold proclamation of the written Word of God.  If you love the Bible, you can't help but to love this man of God!

Preacher Kyle Powell